Coronavirus COVID 19

Take action to help prevent & safeguard your employees by putting these essential steps in place. Hygiene is a key factor in minimising the risk & spreading of COVID 19. We can ensure your business has the correct procedures & methods of hygiene within the workplace to protect all staff, customers & contractors.

Soap Dispensers

Good hand washing facilities are a vital necessity to have within your workplace. This will help prevent cross contamination of bacteria on all office surfaces ie desks computers & phones.

Hand Sanitizer

70% alcohol gel rubbed into your hands after good hand washing is another key method of keeping clean & hygienic which will reduce the spread of bacteria. Always use on entry into a building & in communal areas to maintain a clean & hygienic environment.

Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Carry hand sanitizer bottles to protect yourself against COVID 19. Have them in your work vehicles so they are always on hand to keep you sanitized & safe when on the go if you are unable to access a wash station.


The AIRsteril removes all bacteria from the air & off all surfaces. Creating a cleaner sterile working environment for staff will reduce sickness levels & will provide a safer organisation in which to work.

AIRsteril technology has been tested against MS-2 coliphage (a surrogate for Norovirus), and achieved significant reductions in counts in both air samples and on surfaces. MS-2 is a non-enveloped virus which is more difficult to kill than the lipid-enveloped COVID 19.

COVID 19 belongs to the same group of viruses that cause colds and influenza. The use of AIRsteril units in call centres and offices at an NHS Trust has been shown to reduce the incidence of illness-related absences; particularly in reported cases of colds, coughs and influenza, as well as reducing other chest and respiratory problems.

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